Parchment for fresh and greasy foods wrapping


Designed for greasy & humid applications


Discover Sulpack®️, our 100% fiber based solution for flexible packaging, featuring outstanding water resistance and a complete grease barrier with no chemical additives.

  • Sulpack®️ is made using our unique Genuine Vegetable Parchment (GVP) technology and offers a certified home compostable, PFAS-free alternative to chemically treated materials
  • Sulpack® is perfect for wrapping various types of sensitive products; whether greasy, sticky, sweet, acidic or humid


The proprietary process to obtain Genuine Vegetable Parchment allows us to achieve these wonderful qualities with a 100% cellulose, fluor free product with no coating.


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Safe & Natural


Sulpack® boasts many sustainability attributes:

  • Produced from responsibly sourced and renewable wood pulp, certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and PEFC® standards
  • Thanks to Ahlstrom unique production process, there are no fibers left on our wrapping paper, and so, no fibers in your food products either
  • Sulpack® is biodegradable and certified OK Compost home by TÜV
  • Sulpack® provides a Mineral Oil barrier (MOSH-MOAH) (read more here)
  • Sulpack® is PFAS free and a proud member of our FluoroFree® family




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Genuine vegetable parchment offers the ultimate branding experience


Like other Genuine Vegetable Parchment products, Sulpack is compatible with our ink free patterning technology and our coloring options:

  • Color your parchment with a range of BfR and FDA approved colors for a more vibrant branding
  • To enhance your brand experience, our unique ink free patterning ensures recognition and counterfeit protection




Sulpack® end-use applications


Our Sulpack® products can be used to wrap and protect many fresh & greasy foods, more particularly butter, margarine and othe dairy products, meat and fish...