Fiber-based solutions for sustainable packaging

Consumers and brand owners are demanding more sustainable solutions that reduce their impact on the environment and also have a positive end-of-life story – anywhere from compostability and biodegradation to recyclability. 

Ahlstrom ‘ƒrom Plastic to Purpose’ campaign aims at raising awareness regarding the possibility of fiber-based solutions as a renewable packaging option.


Pillars for developing renewable packaging options

We have a set of guiding principle to achieve this; but we cannot do this alone; so we are partnering with leading actors in the value chain to make this happen:

Bringing support & information with our ‘ƒrom Plastic to Purpose’ platform

Through our three-part webinar series; we are encouraging our customers and the marketplace to consider fiber and paper-based solutions as they innovate products for their customers. Find out more below:

Genuine Vegetable Parchment (GVP) Webinar


The unique technology allows us to harness the power of cellulosic fibers to replace non-renewable materials into many applications:



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Technical Solutions Webinar


Sustainability & durability for targeted and highly technical applications.

Let's build the future together with some of these key products applicable from e-commerce packaging to the construction industry:


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Food Packaging Webinar


Our innovation roadmap is geared towards fiber-based innovation in order to provide alternatives to non-sustainable food packaging; for applications like:


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Discover our new Ahlstrom MasterTape™ Pack Green



Our MasterTape™ Pack Green range is designed for sustainable pressure sensitive adhesive tape applications. Repulpable and recyclable backing with high biobased content to minimize its environmental impact, it fits perfectly for light and medium duty packaging.


Learn how our tape products are contributing to the reduction of plastics and non-renewable substrates by visiting our campaign, clicking the link below :


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‘ƒrom Plastic to Purpose’ launches in the news

Read our Press releases about more sustainable packaging options: