Ahlstrom-Munksjö's new collaborative innovation creating sustainable fresh food packaging

Ahlstrom-Munksjö's new collaborative innovation creating sustainable fresh food packaging

Central Wisconsin based packaging company “The Paper People LLC” announced today the introduction of their new patent pending paper packaging.   Developed throughout the past two years in conjunction with several large U.S. based retailers, their new line of automated form-fill seal and stand up pouch paper packaging is the solution for the future in single use packaging products.  The creation of these paper products is in direct response to consumer demand and government regulations for more earth friendly, recyclable, compostable and sustainable packaging. 

The company has several patent pending innovations enabling their new products to be heat sealed without the use of non-recyclable paper stream materials.  The innovative process and technology make the products very versatile and capable of running on existing packaging machinery. 

Bill Durkee, Vice President of manufacturing for the company said “The new packaging is designed to run on any existing vertical form fill seal, horizontal over wrappers and pre-made stand up pouch filling equipment.”  Durkee added “This makes the change to paper much easier as there are no major capital investments needed for packers or retailers interested in providing sustainable paper packaging products to their consumers at competitive cost levels.”

The Paper People have been working closely with several “packaging partner” companies, including the Ahlstrom-Munksjö Wisconsin paper mills, to develop a substrate that looks presentable on the store shelf and functions well in the packing house.   Durkee continued to say that “Our plant location was chosen to be in close proximity to the “Paper Valley” portion of Wisconsin where Ahlstrom-Munksjö operates many of its plants.”

“Ahlstrom-Munksjö and our Wisconsin paper mills have a long history of providing sustainable, fiber-based solutions to the marketplace,” explained Robyn Buss, Executive Vice President of the Food Packaging & Technical Solutions Business Area for Ahlstrom-Munksjo.  “Not only does this product create a sustainable end-of-life package, but the beginning of its development starts with sustainable forestry in our Midwestern and Wisconsin wood basket.  We reduce the overall footprint of continuing the manufacturing process throughout Wisconsin, and truly create a sustainable packaging solution for consumers across the United States.”  

This exciting new paper packaging is slated to hit the fresh produce industry in late summer with the introduction of the vented vertical form-fill and seal packaging for potatoes and onions.  The company also plans to unveil its new “all paper” stand up pouch products for potatoes, apples, citrus, grapes, bulbs and other produce related products by late summer.

The Paper People LLC will initially distribute these sustainable packaging products through Plover, Wisconsin based Warner & Warner Packaging.  Warner & Warner have strategic distribution locations throughout the United States and Canada.  These locations allow packers throughout North America to have a “seamless” transition to the new paper packaging with an established well-known industry distributor. 

Kurt Heiman, Vice President of Warner & Warner Packaging said “The demand for automated paper packaging is beyond our expectations.  The Paper People’s new products answer a host of challenges that were previously only available in plastics.”  Heiman acknowledged that “Warner & Warner Packaging is excited to be at the forefront of this important earth friendly technology.” 

Along with the all new paper packaging, Warner & Warner is also offering several lines of packaging machinery to fill the automated paper products including; Parsons-Eagle form fill seal baggers, Parsons-Eagle pouch filling equipment and Upmann produce weighing and bagging equipment. Warner & Warner will continue to offer their full line of quality packaging products along with the new Paper People products.

Learn more about The Paper People LLC: www.paperpeopleusa.com