We offer sustainable specialty materials

We create value by developing sustainable fiber-based solutions in close collaboration with our customers, utilizing our expertise in combining fibers and advanced technologies. Our products are used in a wide variety of everyday applications, such as different types of filters, flexible food packaging, medical fabrics, and diagnostic products. We support our customers in meeting key global trends such as clean air and water, electrification, personalized healthcare, decarbonization of buildings, and more sustainable packaging.

Why choose Ahlstrom?

  • We have unique understanding of fibers and applications

    We have unique understanding of how fibers can be combined into high-performance specialty materials. It’s built on 170 years of experience.

  • We co-innovate with customers

    We create tailor-made value for our customers by combining materials with new and breakthrough technologies, and by innovating with customers and partners across the value chain.

  • We create safe and sustainable solutions to address global challenges

    We develop future solutions that are safe and sustainable by design. Our specialty solutions are designed for circularity and based on renewable materials.

Innovation Spotlight

Award-winning innovation for pet food packaging

The shift to paper, as a safer and more sustainable material, is a significant trend in the food packaging industry. Ahlstrom saw an opportunity for sustainable innovation and created PawPrint® Pet Food Packaging, which has been granted the Innovation in 2023 Sustainability Award by the American Forest & Paper Association.

Collaboration Stories

Ramping up greenhouse gas removal technology

Amidst growing global climate concerns, Ahlstrom demonstrates its steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. As the global leader in fiber-based specialty materials, Ahlstrom was invited by Black Bull Biochar (BBB) to pioneer a novel agricultural biochar production platform in the UK. The collaboration aims to assess the viability of commercial biochar usage in agriculture, paving the way for a sustainable solution that can address climate change whilst improving soil quality.

Collaboration Stories

Transforming Maped’s eraser packaging to a more sustainable alternative

Ahlstrom’s Cristal™ base papers are an optimum solution for transparent packaging. By partnering with adapa and Maped, the three companies have developed fiber-based window packaging for a popular school supply – erasers.