Helping food packaging manufacturers create safe and sustainable packaging 

Ahlstrom’s food packaging products deliver safe and sustainable solutions to meet the most demanding food industry needs. We can help you create a customized solution combining visual, functional, and sustainability benefits to set your food packaging apart. 

We provide solutions in:

  • Food packaging
  • Cooking papers and liners
  • Tea bags and coffee capsules
  • Restaurants and fast food
  • Pet food
  • Confectionary and baked goods
  • Labelling
  • ...and many more!

Innovation Spotlight

Home compostable lid for single-serve coffee capsules

It's a substantial challenge to transition from non-recyclable, non-compostable materials to compostable ones for coffee capsule lidding solutions, while maintaining high-performance standards and ensuring crucial oxygen barrier integrity. Ahlstrom PureLid™ is a result of our patent-pending technology and the answer for a more sustainable alternative.

Innovation Spotlight

Sustainable flexible pet food packaging paper

Functional and attractive pet food packaging inside and out, our PawPrint® Pet Food Packaging is produced with Ahlstrom’s FluoroFree® proprietary technology, making it fully grease-resistant without the use of PFAS compounds.

White Paper

Co-innovation - The next frontier of sustainable material development

People and companies seek solutions to combat global challenges like climate change or plastic waste. A key solution to this problem is choosing to work with value-chain partners to create better materials for people and the planet. We interviewed stakeholders from across the packaging value chain to learn more about this collaborative approach.

How can we help?

Combining a unique understanding of fibers and science-based technology with innovation, Ahlstrom works to solve various problems to make people's lives more sustainable. There's always a safer material to protect the taste of your food and drinks. From Food packaging, baking and cooking solutions to beverage filter media and packaging alternatives, we are here to help!