Fiber-based packaging materials for a more sustainable future 

Along with the huge demand, there is a growing desire to address the increasing amounts of packaging waste without being reused or recycled. As a global leader in innovative specialty materials, Ahlstrom has the expertise and manufacturing flexibility to provide you with specific packaging structures and tape backing ranges to reach sustainability targets while meeting critical performance criteria.

We provide solutions for a wide variety of e-commerce and retail solutions:

  • Packaging tape backings
  • Insulated or protected packaging
  • High-stretch cushioning papers
  • Transparent pouches
  • Packaging for single-use consumer goods
  • Retail shopping bags
  • Garment wraps
  • ...and many more!

Innovation Spotlight

PurposeFil™ lays the ground for purposeful e-commerce packaging

"We have the flexibility to design per our customers' functional needs, without over-engineering," said Dana Decoster, Head of Sales, Americas for Ahlstrom's Protective Materials business. This product allows packaging engineers and brand owners to achieve multiple sustainability goals without losing their required critical performance.

Innovation Spotlight

MasterTape® Pack Crepe: Make your packaging lighter!

50% lighter, 100% more stretch - A perfect fit for more sustainable light-duty packages, with a stretch of up to 18% for better shock absorption and made from a minimum of 95% wood pulp.

How can we help?

Combining a unique understanding of fibers with different technologies, Ahlstrom works to solve various problems to make people's lives more sustainable. We are strongly dedicated to developing innovative fiber-based materials that address the growing demand for more sustainable packaging for e-commerce. There's always a more sustainable material to protect our valuable goods and deliveries. Start with Ahlstrom today!