Research & Innovation

As a producer of fiber-based specialty materials, innovation and product development are the core of value creation. In our brilliant research and development team, we develop sustainable solutions in close collaboration with our customers, utilizing Ahlstrom's unique expertise, tools, and capabilities for combining raw materials. In addition, we have extensive R&D capabilities and a world-class research center in France. Our team consists of top-class professionals and we capture sustainability-driven growth opportunities with new innovations.

Our purpose is all about understanding the global problems and how to combat them

Our contribution is to make companies’ offerings and people’s everyday lives more sustainable with fiber-based specialty materials. Every situation needs its own solution and our expertise is to innovate in partnerships with customers to find the best tailor-made solutions

Our products perform vital functions in everyday applications for a more sustainable everyday life

Through our solutions, we help our customers and society at large to improve circularity, save resources, reduce the use of plastics, decrease the use of chemicals, and protect people against hazardous pathogens. Sustainability driven innovation is the core of our mission and value creation. We develop best in class products in close collaboration with our customers, utilizing our unique know-how, tools and capabilities on combining raw materials and our advanced technology. We have a strong focus to capture sustainability driven growth opportunities with new innovations and our goal is that all new product introductions will serve our purpose to purify and protect.

Science-based Innovations

Ahlstrom has amazing and unique expertise in analytical science and development capabilities from laboratories to pilots and industrial pilot lines and  located in the two sites of their research center in France.

Ahlstrom ECO™, a renewable lignin-impregnated filter media, wins the American Filtration Society’s New Product of the Year award

Ahlstrom ECO™, a new range of renewable and sustainable filtration solutions for automotive applications, was selected as the New Product of the Year by the America Filtration Society (AFS) on May 2, 2023. The Product of the Year award is given to a company introducing the most significant new product in the previous year.