Ahlstrom as a safe and engaging workplace, an employer of choice

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a vital part of our company culture and driven by our values. Our DEI vision is to be an employer of choice, and an engaging and safe place to work, with diverse teams. Working at Ahlstrom means being a part of a global community of some 7 000 team players across the globe with approximately 54 nationalities. We all value the working culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion - and believe this is what you also look for. Do your values align with ours?

Our DEI vision is to be an employer of choice, and an engaging and safe place to work, with diverse teams.


The primary driver of innovation for us springs from our diverse community

Our diverse community provides a broad perspective for problem-solving and developing creative solutions for tremendous success. We have started a journey to ensure that our work environment is fair and inclusive for everyone, everywhere. You are us; we all should have equal opportunities to belong and reach our full potential.

Gender equality as a starting point

Becoming an employer of choice is a journey. What we are proud of is that we truly feel the commitment and determination to reach our DEI goals one step at a time and see the improvements in our everyday work. 2022 witnessed our significant progress as we have improved the percentage of women managers by 0.5% to 21.8% and women in other positions at Ahlstrom by 0.4% up to 18.7%. Ahlstrom has already set more ambitious gender goals during 2023, the 5-year goal is to have 40% women in top leadership positions, and more than 20% women in workforce. And now, with two new female EMT members and Helen Mets has joined us as President and CEO, we are already very close to our new 40% target.

Next step in our DEI journey

In 2023, we are expanding our work by launching DEI resource groups for different diversity dimensions to ensure multilevel progress. By implementing DEI as part of Ahlstrom’s Leadership Development training and programs, as well as training and workshops for all employees, we aim to raise general DEI awareness and let our people speak up for themselves. By providing a safe and engaging workplace, we can fulfill our ambition to be the employer of choice. Join the team and step on the changes with us!

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