Accelerating global healthcare with innovative fiber-based solutions

Access to essential healthcare remains challenging for 30% of the world's population. Also healthcare-associated infections continue to affect millions of patients each year, resulting in billions of euros in costs and tens of thousands of fatalities worldwide. As a global leader in sustainable specialty materials, Ahlstrom provides innovative fiber-based medical fabrics and materials for life sciences, which empower global healthcare to enhance efficiency across various processes and better protect people. 

We provide solutions in:

  • Biospecimen collection and preservation cards
  • Lateral flow test pads
  • Medical papers & barrier fabrics
  • Sterilization wraps
  • Laboratory papers and test filters
  • Face mask materials
  • Chromatography and blotting paper
  • Filter media for artificial respiratory devices
  • DNA/RNA extraction media
  • Pharmaceuticals and personal hygiene
  • ...and many more!

Innovation Spotlight

Reliance® Fusion - The next-generation sterilization wrap

Reliance® Fusion incorporates the best properties of cellulose-based and polypropylene-based materials. This wrap allows a significant reduction in drying time, reduces the likelihood of wet packs, and leads to increased efficiency in the sterilization of trays at hospitals’ Central Sterilization Service Department (CSSD), thanks to higher throughput and savings in energy and labor.

Innovation Spotlight

Specimen Collection Cards to improve access to diagnosis, especially in resource-limited environments

Ahlstrom’s portfolio of cards for collecting and preserving biological samples offer simple and cost-effective collection, transportation and storage of biological samples at ambient temperature, bringing efficiency and simplicity to the biological fluids sampling process.

On-demand Webinar

Simple collection, transportation and ambient-temperature storage of small Eukaryotic organisms

Collecting biosamples from plants, fungi, insects, and parasites involves various techniques depending on the purpose of the collection. Hear Marie-Laure Boen, our Product Development and TCS Engineer, discuss how Ahlstrom's LeafSaver collection cards make this process easy, cost-effective, and sustainable.

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Release liners for adhesive medical materials and components

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