pH indicators and pH strips

pH indicators and pH strips

Simple and portable
Available in strips and reels
Easy to read and accurate color charts
Multiple pH ranges for the best resolution under different test conditions
pH indicators and pH strips
Test papers for rapid determination of pH and other conditions.

pH test papers

Ahlstrom pH test papers are impregnated with one or several indicators that show a distinctive color when exposed to a specific condition. They allow a quicker and less expensive test in applications where the accuracy of an electronic pH meter is not needed.

Universal pH indicator papers are available in different ranges of pH to give the user the level of accuracy needed.

Additional test papers for qualitative determination are also available for industrial application and educational purpose.

pH test strips

Ahlstrom pH test strips have small squares of paper, each prepared with a different indicator, attached to a thin but flexible plastic strip for improved handling. pH indicator are strongly bonded to the cellulose fibers to prevent bleeding of the colors to give a more precise measurement and also prevent contamination of the test solution.

Reliable pH measurement can be obtained even in weakly buffered solutions and the test strips can remain in the test solution until the final reaction color is obtained.

Scale Interval
pH 0-10 1
pH 0-14 1
pH 0.5-5 0.5
pH 5-9 0.5
pH 6.4-8 0.3
pH 6.5-10 0.5


Various scales are available with diverse forms (roll, strips).