Conductive paper backings (Brown Line)

Conductive paper backings (Brown Line)

Improves abrasive belt lifetime, cleanliness of the sanded peace and workshop
Ready-to-use antistatic backings
High antistatic durability and performance
Adapted surfaces for coarse to the finest grit sizes
Conductive paper backings (Brown Line)
Our Brown Line gathers low resistivity antistatic abrasive paper backings for industrial wood or any other insulator processing industries.

Brown Line Papers are low resistivity antistatic paper backings designed for the sanding of wood or any other insulators. They reduce sawdust, increase the cleanliness of the sanded piece and reduce scratches, improve the lifetime of the abrasive and provide safe and clean workshop.

  • Various resistivity solutions
  • Durability thanks to an antistatic treatment applied directly in the core of the paper  or as a surface in a sandwich between the make coat and the backing
  • No additional conducting agent in the binder is needed
  • Solutions for fine grits (STAT B, BLACK B)
  • High and consistent internal bond
  • Universal reinforced barrier (B) for limited risk of resin penetration and preserved flexibility
  • Various dimensional stability and tear resistance options
  • Different weight, smoothness, and colors fitting industrial sanding requirements
  • Compatible with The Be Solution offer 

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