WallStar® Digital

WallStar® Digital

WallStar® Digital
Ahlstrom WallStar® Digital provides a variety of high quality nonwovens with unique surface aspects, features and functionalities which are suitable for all printing processes.  We offer unlimited scope for your imagination.  Helping you to create unique, inspirational premium collections for your customers.

WallStar® Digital Wallcover

Our 100% PVC-free nonwovens comprise wide variation in structure and surface effects, fullfilling designers imagination and consumers aspirations.  They are suitable for all digital printing technologies and have opened up great possibilities for creative exploration.

WallStar® is our widest range for digital nonwovens offering unlimited scope for natural aesthetic and premium designs, together with remarkable ease of use.   

  • Luxurious textile-like media 
  • Excellent printability
  • Easy to use: paste the wall, high strippability




WallStar® Digital Installation

Follow the video and the enclosed instructions below to have a fun time transforming a room.

WallStar® Digital is so quick and easy to install.

It consists of 3 key steps:

  • Wall preparation
  • Selecting the correct paste
  • Wallcover installation

Following these instructions and watching film below will help you transform your room.


Installation Film


Have fun!

Please make contact if you have any questions.





WallStar® Digital Banner

A PVC-free banner material ideal for customers who value the environment.

  • High printing performance for all digital technologies
  • High strength
  • Certified M1



Contact us: digitalsubstrates@ahlstrom.com