Specialty Label

Specialty Label

Specialty Label
Ahlstrom creates a range of release liners to meet the unique challenges of the Specialty Label market including high-speed to hand-peel applications.
  • PeelBak™ liners are highly engineered solutions that offer a wide breadth of silicone systems and release files to fit the many demands of the segments we serve.
  • Through collaboration with our customers we develop application-specific liners that contain the functional properties critical to the success and delivery of the adhesive.
  • In the label segment, release liners act as a carrier and delivery system for adhesives. Our liners provide the performance characteristics to withstand demanding environmental and converting conditions.

From hand-peel to high-speed applications, Ahlstromcreates a range of release liners to meet the unique challenges of the Specialty Label market. As leaders in the Specialty Label market, we understand the impact release liners play in your success.

Our silicone coated products include a broad scope of caliper controlled, densified liners to meet demanding die cutting requirements. In addition, we custom design our silicone formulations to provide smooth release profiles as well as the right level of release for your specific adhesives.


Die-cut Ability: Ahlstrom’s Coated Products’ caliper-controlled release liners offer consistent
density and caliper as required by end-use application.

Layflat: Peelbak™ liners are designed to offer consistent moisture and sheet profile to achieve layflat in the converting process.

Stable Release: Custom release formulas provide converters with well-cured, stable release systems, critical to

Strength: Liners offer high tear-strength to withstand the challenging conditions the liner is exposed to in the converting process.

Release Profile: Smooth release profile for high speed stripping applicants.

Substrates/Paper Finishes Basis Weight GSM Fiber Caliper Release Level Coating Types Applications
MF, SCK, Hybrid, Glassine 52-195 Bleached & Natural 1.8 mil - 7.0 mil Broad range of release levels from easy to tight release

Solventless, Solvent, Emulsion &
Non-Silicone Specialty Coatings

Food & Beverage, Consumer Durables, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Personal Care