Cabin Air

Cabin Air

Breathe easy. Protect your family's health
Excellent pleatability delivering highest converting efficiency
Ideal for OEM, OES and aftermarket
Cabin Air
Complete portfolio of cabin air filter media based on proprietary Trinitex® technology, for both particulate filtration and combined gas adsorption. Our SafeCabin® range of products have excellent pleatability and cohesion delivering highest converting efficiency.

Key Benefits 

  • Optimal gas adsorption performance due to maximum carbon content
  • Optional efficiency layer to match top end user requirements
  • High permeability, full synthetic media for both particulate and combi filters
  • Excellent pleatability and cohesion delivering highest converting efficiency

Cabin air filters are designed to improve air quality inside vehicles by filtering particles and gases, protecting the passengers and improving the driving comfort. Additionally, they protect the heating and air conditioning system from dirt and debris.

Ahlstrom SafeCabin® for particulate filtration:

High protection against coarse and fine particles such as pollen, dust, soot, bacteria, and PM2.5.

Ahlstrom SafeCabin® Carbon for combined particulate, gas and odor removal:

Due to high-performance activated carbon, the filter media provides increased protection by also removing, gases such as ozone, benzene, SOx, NOx, and odors.