Precise masking tape backings

Precise masking tape backings

Smooth and thin microcrepe grade for painting sharp details
Good handling and high conformability up to 14% elongation
Smoother and thinner than regular masking tapes
Performs great on delicate surfaces and in making curves
Precise masking tape backings
Smooth and thin backing for sharp details.

Ahlstrom MasterTape™ Smartline’s unique creping pattern makes tape smoother and thinner without losing its high tensile and elongation properties.

It performs great on delicate surfaces, in making curves, and makes for an excellent tool for sharp details.

It also has customizable parameters to match your needs.

We propose multiple colors in our portfolio.

Product Basis Weight Stretch  Application
MasterTape™ Smartline Base Paper

35-60 g/m²

22-37 lbs/3000ft²

7-14 % Masking tape for precise paint lines