Air pollution control

Air pollution control

Reducing industrial emissions, helping protect the environment
Delivers longer filter life time due to optimal self-cleaning properties
New Extia® range of products for Industrial Filtration
Air pollution control
Ahlstrom offers a complete range of filter media for Air Pollution Control cartridges to meet the specific market needs in various operational environments

Purifying the Air Protecting People and the Environment

Ahlstrom is a single source provider of Air Pollution Control media solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.  Covering the full range of end-user needs for cartridges, our products deliver the following key benefits.

  • Complete product offering: from cellulosic to 100% synthetic,
    delivering efficiency levels from M5 to E12, matching specific needs
  • Delivers longer filter lifetime: due to optimal pulse cleaning properties
  • Flame retardant and dissipative treatments: matching the most emanding industrial process requirements
  • Excellent pleating performance: throughout the range




Ahlstrom offers a complete range of media developed for cartridge filter elements based on our market reference wetlaid platforms. The self-supported structure combines highest pleatability, optimal filtration performance and  excellent pulse self-cleaning properties.  Delivering extended lifetime and multiple functionalization to match individual industry needs.

Ahlstrom APC portfolio includes: APC CellTech, APC Nano, APC Extia®, APC  StatGuard® and APC Synthetic.