PurposeSeal™ Heat Seal Technology

PurposeSeal™ Heat Seal Technology

Fiber-based heat sealed product
Certified recyclable passing the Western Michigan University SBS Equivalency (WMU SBS-E) test
Traditional film replacement
PurposeSeal™ Heat Seal Technology
PurposeSeal™ is a fiber-based heat sealed solution to reduce traditional non-renewable substrates in packaging.


PurposeSeal™ is a heat-sealed paper carefully constructed to ensure quality and protection for end-use packaging solutions. PurposeSeal™ is available with one-sided or two-sided heat sealed adhesive coated options. It can also be combined with other technologies such as color, transparency, water resistance, high stretch, and more. 

Customers are demanding products with a postive end-of-life story and Ahlstrom is commited to helping you serve your customers. PurposeSeal™ is sustainably sourced and recyclable allowing you to easily meet your sustainability goals. 



PurposeSeal™ can be combined with other technologies such as:

  • Color
  • Transparency 
  • Water Resistance 
  • High Stretch

Discover our products made with PurposeSeal™ technology:




This technology participates in transitioning packaging ƒrom Plastic to Purpose.

Learn more about our philosophy and our webinars regarding the possibility of fiber-based solutions here