Superior protection against biological hazards
Laser resistant
Chemical and chemo drug repellent
Highly absorbent for fluid management
Ahlstrom offers a complete range of medical fabrics designed to provide superior protection in the operating room, clinical and laboratory environments.

The TrustShield™ product portfolio offers single-use medical fabrics that are laser resistant, protect against chemical permeation, biological hazards and are highly absorbent.

Lasers are commonly used to perform different types of surgeries or can be used as a surgical tool which means both the patient and health care worker need high protection. TrustShield™ Laser has this level of protection against penetration, meeting ISO standards.

When permeation poses a risk for health care workers in a clinical or lab environment, TrustShield™ Chemo personal protective apparel protects against harsh chemicals and chemotherapy drugs. 

For those high risk surgeries, TrustShield™ Biological fabric is the solution for the ultimate protection against hazardous pathogens and fluid management.

TrustShield™ Absorbent is highly absorbent, holds up against punctures and tears and has virtually no lint which is ideal in avoiding particle contamination. 

TrustShield™ fabrics deliver ultimate protection, comfort and performance 

Biological protection keeping staff and patients safe (meets ASTM F1670 requirements) 

Laser resistant to avoid any penetration risks (ISO 11810:2015 certified)

Repellent to avoid fluids, chemical and chemo drug permeation (meets ASTM D6978 requirements)

Highly absorbent for fluid management and a cleaner operating room floor

Virtually no lint eliminating any particle contamination

High strength to resist puncture and tears

Sturdy, easy to handle and convert