Respiratory face mask materials

Respiratory face mask materials

Respiratory mask offers the highest protection for the wearer in the workplace
Protect against airborne infectious agents, dust, smoke and mist
Our solutions for respiratory masks include filtration layer, reinforcement layer and coverstock
Compliant with international standards
Respiratory face mask materials
Filtration media and other media components for protecting operators from the working environment

Ahlstrom has developed an extensive range of solutions for respiratory masks enabling the manufacturers to choose the most appropriate media component, when designing mask construction. 

We offer an unique technological platform to choose from: Wetlaid, Needlepunch and Meltblow. Our range of technologies enables customization and product development for mask manufacturers. 

Extia® Protect portfolio is Ahlstrom’s recent addition to its face mask offering.

Our offer includes:

  • High performance meltblown-based filtration media, enabling, when doubled, to reach adequate filtration efficiency for FFP2 class.
  • High performance membrane based filtration media, reaching, on its own, adequate filtration efficiency for FFP2 and FFP3 classes.
  • Full Product Offering: Including filtration layer, reinforcement layer and coverstock solutions
  • Proven meltblown filtration layer: Based on unique Fine Fiber technology