Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Disruptor® breakthrough technology for the more demanding water purification needs

Not directly comparable to any other water purification media currently in the market, Disruptor® is an electro-adsorptive technology: due to its crystal structure, the mineral creates a natural, strong positive charge which attracts the negative charge present on most submicron contaminants.

Its electro-positive wet-laid nonwoven technology, with a pore size of 1.2 - 1.5 microns, captures very small diameter substances and pathogens, removing larger particles mechanically.


What is next for Gravity Flow applications?

Ahlstrom launches the latest extension to the Disruptor® product family called Disruptor® FastFlow which is a real stand-alone technology for the higher end water purification market. 

The unique Disruptor® technology is especially well suited for  more demanding gravity flow applications. Due to the open media structure it is possible to gain sufficient flow without sacrificing the high microbiological purification rates.