Reliance® Fusion next-generation sterilization wrap

Reliance® Fusion next-generation sterilization wrap

Higher sterilization throughput due to the faster drying times
Eliminate the need for expensive processing aids such as tray liners
Reduce the incidents of wet packs and re-sterilization
When using the bonded version, gain greater efficiency in the sterile processing
Reliance® Fusion next-generation sterilization wrap
Next-generation sterilization wrap incorporating the best properties of cellulose-based and polypropylene-based materials.

Ahlstrom boasts a long history in the manufacturing of high-performance sterilization wraps. Over the years, our products have been extensively used in healthcare facilities worldwide, bringing a key contribution to the protection of patients from hospital-acquired infections.

We’ve combined our best technologies into our new Reliance® Fusion, a next-generation  sterilization wrap.

Reliance® Fusion is made of two distinct layers:

  • INNER LAYER: ABSORBENT WETLAID NONWOVEN, made with cellulose, synthetic binder and PET fibers, resulting in a softer and stronger cellulose-based fabric.
  • OUTER LAYER: SMS NONWOVEN, a strong and durable technology, with low lint and high barrier. The outer layer is made of 100% polypropylene and treated to resist static charge. 

The Reliance® Fusion portfolio consists of a simpler two-model sterilization wrap system (Light and Heavy), available for two widely used wrapping techniques (simultaneous and sequential). The two basis weight options are capable of replacing all six traditional Reliance® Solo and Reliance® Tandem type models while offering superior pre-vacuum steam drying time performance under high tray weight conditions.

  • RELIANCE® FUSION LIGHT, 83 gsm, for light-to-medium duty applications
  • RELIANCE® FUSION HEAVY, 132 gsm, for heavy-duty applications