Glass Interleave

Glass Interleave

Chemical Purity
Absorbs excess moisture vapor
Roll and sheet format
Uniform porosity control
Glass Interleave
Ahlstrom’s glass interleave papers offer supreme quality with the industry’s highest level of purity. Products can provide any level of glass protection while resisting fogging, hazing, staining, tarnishing and irreversible moisture-induced corrosion—all with no trace of surface contaminants. Glass is protected from abrasion and breakage during handling and transportation processes, and the closely controlled porosity of our papers ensures optimal processing efficiency and eliminates tarnishing in metallic glazing.


In multiple industries, glass interleave is used to protect glass plates from abrasion and breakage that may occur during handling and transportation processes.

In addition to possessing these protective qualities, Glass-Gard® Glass Interleave Papers are engineered to meet specific glass performance needs and protect against fogging, hazing, staining, tarnishing and irreversible moisture-induced corrosion without imparting contaminants onto the surface.

They also closely control porosity for optimal processing efficiency and eliminate tarnishing in metallic glazing. 

Finishes Basis Weight Fiber Applications
MG, MF, Supercalendered 32 g/m2-98.4g/m2 Bleached & Natural LCD Glass, Automotive Glass, Solar Glass, Museum Glass, Other Specialty Glass