Automated micro-volume sampling cards

Automated micro-volume sampling cards

Made of high purity fiber-based material in accordance to the highest manufacturing standards
No wet-strength additives or chemicals preventing interferences with downstream analysis
Available in cassette format with high stiffness and accurate sizing
Customizable according to our customers’ needs: design, barcode, dimensions, branding, etc.
Automated micro-volume sampling cards
High quality specimen collection cards designed for laboratory automated equipment.

Ahlstrom AutoCollect™ cards are designed for micro-volume sampling, transport, and storage of dried blood spot (DBS) at ambient temperature. The cassette format of the card with high stiffness provides a suitable fit with the main laboratory automated equipment available on the market, allowing reliable DBS card processing, from the detection of dried blood spot to the preparation of samples ready for LC/MS analysis.

The introduction of automation into the various steps of DBS sample processing has shown clear advantages and gains in productivity, including:

  • Traceability of operations
  • Volume control
  • Accuracy of timing
  • Analysis of results instead of results acquisition


AutoCollect™ cards can successfully be employed in the following:

  • Pharmacokinetic and Toxicokinetic
  • Drug metabolism
  • Clinical and preclinical studies
  • Human identification
  • Biomarkers screening
  • Viral load testing

The performance of AutoCollect™ has shown strong advantages compared to equivalent solutions on the market:

  • Paper purity – lowest background of the card in Mass Spectrometry analysis
  • Precision and accuracy – blood spot size is reproducible from one AutoCollect™ card to another and is easily recognizable by the machine scan
  • On card stability - no solubility of the inks with solvents commonly used in HPLC/MS and no deleterious effects of high quality converting on the performance of the fibers web structure