Soft, non-irritating
Biodegradable and compostable (Civil Use Face Mask)
A unique portfolio of remarkably soft, comfortable, and protective fabrics used to construct medical and civil use face masks and surgical gowns.

MEDICAL Face Mask and Surgical Gowns Fabrics  

Our unique technology produces super soft fabrics used to make a face mask that is extremely comfortable for the wearer.  TenderGuard™ Natural consists of our wetlaid fabrics that are used as the inner or outer layer of a face mask.  These fabrics are environmentally friendly and, the inner layer is hypoallergenic.

With our inner and outer layers together, TenderGuard™ Natural achieves nearly 50% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency.  Accomplishing that level of efficiency with only the inner and outer layer is remarkable as the middle layer generally provides most of the filtration in a face mask.

TenderGuard™ Smooth consists of our bicomponent spunbond fabrics that are made with a proprietary technology that minimizes raised fibers.  This creates a smooth surface to help eliminate any skin irritation which is essential when it comes to a face mask.  TenderGuard™ Smooth is strong and flexible allowing for the opportunity of high speed production.


TenderGuard™ SMS is our surgical fabric that is designed soft for superior comfort, has low lint and offers lower basis weights.  It has high repellency to protect against low surface tension liquids such as blood, body fluids and alcohol.


CIVIL USE Face Mask Fabrics

TenderGuard™ BioBased can be used as an inner or outer coverstock layer of a civil face mask.  The fabric is mainly comprised of polylactic acid (PLA) which is a biopolymer made from sustainable and renewable sources.  It is a bio-based alternative to synthetic spunbond material currently produced from fossil fuel.   

TenderGuard™ BioBased is highly breathable, biocompatible so its gentle on the skin, non-irritating and comfortable to wear for long durations.  It is certified under European Norm EN13432 as biodegradable and compostable under controlled conditions.

TenderGuard™ BioFilter is a sustainable filter media that can be used as a filter layer in a barrier face covering.  The media is primarily designed for civil use and source control for infectious disease.  It can be used as a single layer or combined as a double filtration layer for higher filtration performance. 

The unique fabric is made up of a special blend of cellulosic and cellulose-based manmade fibers.  The fibers used in the filter media are 100% bio-based.


* FSC | Responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Specific to grades WL11399 and WL11210.