Hot cooking oil

Hot cooking oil

Hot cooking oil
Filter media for hot cooking oil designed to deliver fast flow with good particle retention to maximize filtration efficiency, offering technology and innovation in the fast food industry.
  • Complete portfolio including cellulose and synthetic blends of fibers
  • Highly adaptable to the most common fryer equipment
  • Meets FDA and NSF indirect food contact standards

Our high performance materials for hot cooking oil filtration are designed to deliver fast flow with good particle retention, maximizing filtration efficiency.

  • Excellent strength burst properties
  • Customized roll and shape sizes available

Good filtration of cooking oil aids in achieving consistent food quality.

Filter grades are available in multiple particle retention ranges to meet a variety of flow requirements due to food and oil property combinations. The wet strength is maximized to withstand varying filtration pressures and reduce bursting or rupturing of the media during the oil cleaning process.