There's always a better way

Sustainable, biodegradable packaging, building decarbonization, vehicle electrification and energy storage, safer, more effective healthcare… The world needs new, high-performance, and sustainable materials for everything from cars and operating theaters, and from food preservation to construction. There's always a better way of making your solutions more sustainable to align with global trends!

Designed to help create a safer and more sustainable world, fiber-based specialty materials have you covered. By co-innovating with us, you develop the next generation of safe and sustainable materials by design and meet the growing demand for sustainability to stand out in today's competitive markets.

When you need better materials, start with Ahlstrom.


Co-innovate the next generation of
safe and sustainable materials with us

Ready to team up and develop the next generation of fiber-based solutions in packaging, filtration, construction and other specialty materials? Contact us to hear more about Ahlstrom's world-class Research & Development centers: 

  • Two R&D sites in Pont-Evêque & Apprieu, France​
  • Product development and application laboratories at plants​
  • R&D community of 340 talents

What awaits you at our R&D centers

White Paper

Co-innovation - The next frontier of sustainable material development

People and companies seek solutions to combat global challenges like climate change or plastic waste. A key solution to this problem is choosing to work with value-chain partners to create better materials for people and the planet. We interviewed stakeholders from across the packaging value chain to learn more about this collaborative approach.


Stand out in today's competitive markets
with sustainable specialty materials

  • Based on renewable and bio-based raw materials

  • Industrial and home compostable

  • Safer materials

  • Recyclable and lower carbon footprint

  • Meet your customers' needs

    Due to the global shift toward sustainability and increasing attention from consumers and regulators, transitioning to sustainable specialty materials can help companies reach sustainability goals while meeting crucial performance criteria from customers.

  • Lead in safe & sustainable materials

    Choosing fiber-based materials means prioritizing both safety and sustainability. This decision reflects the company's vision and commitment to discovering countless possibilities for safe, sustainable, and high-performance materials—now and into the future.

  • Enhance your brand image

    Companies can establish a strong and unique brand identity that aligns with their audience's sustainability values by opting for sustainable specialty materials. This can set a business apart from competitors and appeal to new customers.

When you need better materials,
start with Ahlstrom

Our products are used in various everyday applications, such as filters, food packaging, medical fabrics, and diagnostic products. Explore our industry-specific solutions.