With over 50 years of commitment to the automotive and transportation industries

Ahlstrom has a long history of unlocking value for customers by offering high-performance filter materials for the automotive and transportation industries. Our innovative solutions support the transition to more sustainable transportation by offering durable and customizable filter media for air and liquid filtration from heavy-duty to electric vehicles.

We provide solutions for various applications:

  • Traditional and New vehicles:
    • Air intake, Fuel and Oil filtration
    • Cooling oil, transmission, cabin air, fuel cell air intake filtration
  • Industrial air and liquids:
    • HVAC materials, Air pollution control, gas turbine, hydraulic filtration
    • Water purification, process, hot cooking oil filtration
  • Energy storage:
    • Materials for Lead acid batteries
  • ...and many more!

Innovation Spotlight

Ahlstrom ECO™: A new generation of lignin-based materials for automotive applications

Developed by Ahlstrom, this is a new renewable and sustainable filter media utilizing lignin-based impregnation, with ability to replace fossil-based resin specifically for transportation filtration applications.

Did You Know

Ahlstrom FiltEV® won Product of the Year Award in the filter media category by Waterloo Filtration Institute?

Ahlstrom FiltEV® is a platform that is fully dedicated to electric vehicles, delivering high-performance filtration solutions for both battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.

How can we help?

Combining a unique understanding of fibers with different technologies, Ahlstrom works to solve various problems to make people's lives more sustainable. We are strongly dedicated to developing innovative fiber-based materials that help to purify air and water.