Empowering energy and water industries with innovative and sustainable materials for various applications

Energy and water are two critical industries that face rising demands and constraints, due to the global sustainability transition and the increasing attention from consumers and regulators. With a unique understanding of fibers and applications, Ahlstrom provides safe and sustainable solutions for the demanding water purification needs, and advanced fiber-based materials for energy storage and transmission.

We provide various solutions in:

  • Water filtration
  • For Lead Acid Battery: film separators, pasting materials, and AGM media (Absorbed Glass Mat)
  • For Battery electric vehicles: cabin air filtration, Transmission filtration, and Battery cooling fluids filtration
  • For Fuel Cell electric vehicles: air intake filtration
  • Micro-fiber filters for environmental analysis of water and wastewater
  • ...and many more! 

Ahlstrom FortiCell® LAB - Fiber-based solution for energy storage applications

Electrifying everything does not solve the climate crisis, but it is a great start. The transition to renewable energy still needs plenty of assistance with more sustainable materials. Contributing to a smoother transition, Ahlstrom offers FortiCell® LAB, which is a fiber-based solution specifically for Lead-Acid Batteries to enhance their lifetime and accelerate performance.

Supports the transition to renewable energy sources with Elektro-Tek® electrotechnical papers

Electrotechnical papers are designed as an ideal solution for demanding applications such as high-voltage cables, distribution transformers, instrument transformers, power transformers, and bushings. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative electrotechnical papers under Elektro-Tek®, made from sustainable materials, such as high-quality unbleached cellulose fibers.

How can we help?

At Ahlstrom, we use our science, technology and capabilities to innovate solutions that address the global challenges, creating new markets and replacing existing ones. By co-innovating with you on solutions that are safe and sustainable by design, we strive to make people's lives more sustainable. Start with us if you're looking for better materials!