Micro-glass & micro-quartz filters

Micro-glass & micro-quartz filters

100% pure glass and quartz filters without any binder
Fine particle retention and high flow rate
High loading capacity
Chemical and thermal resistance
Micro-glass & micro-quartz filters
Binder-free glass and quartz microfiber filters dedicated to environmental analyses.

Applications for glass micro-fiber filters – binder free

Ahlstrom offers a full range of glass micro-fiber filters manufactured from 100% pure borosilicate glass. Because of their intrinsic properties, these filters have wide applications in many areas of laboratory analysis, especially when fine filtration and high loading capacity is required. Glass micro-fiber filters are also found in the filtration of hot gases and liquids, and in pre-filtration.

Our micro-fiber filters areas of application include:

  • Environmental analysis for water and wastewater
  • Testing of soils
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Research and process biochemistry
  • Gravimetric analysis involving ignition of samples
  • High volume PM10 air sampling equipment

Applications for micro-quartz filters

Ahlstrom micro-quartz filters represent a complete offer for airborne particulate monitoring in high temperatures and aggressive atmospheres or when the lowest level of Trace Elements Analysis is required. These extremely pure 100% quartz filters have a temperature stability up to 900°C.

  • Grade MK 5 of high-purity binder-free quartz is suitable for air monitoring applications in high temperatures and aggressive atmospheres or when levels of trace elements are required. It can be used up to 500°C
  • Grade MK 360 100% is available for applications requiring extremely low levels of trace elements or media that can withstand temperatures between 500°C and 900°C. This grade is also available in thimble form for air sampling.

MK5 and MK360 match APA and ISO standards for PM10 monitoring.