Pressure Sensitive Adhesive packaging tape backings

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive packaging tape backings

Sustainable fiber-based alternative to plastic packaging tapes with high biobased contents
Very good internal bond and mechanical properties to ensure shock resistant tapes
Cost effective solution with on-line saturation and release coating steps
Ready-to-coat construction suitable for most adhesive systems
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive packaging tape backings
There is approximately 30 billion square meters of packaging tape worldwide, and with the expansion of ecommerce, the numbers are growing. The market is currently dominated by plastic tapes, making up 80% of all packaging tape. However, paper tapes are a much more sustainable alternative and pave the way for a plastic-free future for packaging. Ahlstrom's dedicated MasterTape® Pack line addresses the need for high quality performances Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tape backings while offering our customers a ‘sustainable-by-design tape solution’ that protects and secures package with the utmost care.

Our MasterTape® Pack range stands out with its repulpable and recyclable tape backing designs, providing versatility for various applications like carton box sealing for e-commerce and retail industry. Sustainability lies at the heart of our approach, incorporating FSC® certified fibers, high biobased contents and life cycle assessments to minimize our environmental footprint. Moreover, Ahlstrom goes the extra mile by offering tailor-made solutions, allowing customers to customize release coatings based on their specific requirements and adhesive systems. Embrace the future of packaging with Ahlstrom's MasterTape® Pack, contributing to a greener and more responsible packaging industry.

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Basis Weight



MasterTape® Pack Green SAT/SRC


Natural White​

60 to 80 gsm​

​37 to 50 lb./3000 ft2


Pack Green is customizable. Our Customers can opt for multiple variants, either saturated only (Pack Green SAT) or saturated and release coated (Pack Green SRC) with different levels of release force thus making it ready for adhesive coating.

Through high bio-based content, FSC certified pulp and recyclable tape designs, MasterTape® Pack Green illustrates our devotion to product Circularity and Footprint, which in the end, makes it quite unique in meeting our customer needs for greener packaging solutions.

Make your Packaging Greener using our MasterTape® Pack Green !

MasterTape® Pack Strong SAT/SRC



White or Other Colors​

90 to 150 gsm​

​55 to 92 lb./3000 ft2


Pack Strong is primarily made of wood pulp and if needed, pulp can also be mixed with synthetic fibers.

It can be saturated (Pack Strong SAT) or saturated & release coated (Pack Strong SRC), suitable for heavier-duty packaging or used as tear-tape (replacing plastic)

MasterTape® Pack Crepe




37 to 80  gsm​

23 to 50lb./3000 ft2


MasterTape® Pack Crepe compromise low basis weight with high stretch properties tape backing designed for lighter packaging !

You will definitively make your packaging lighter using our MasterTape® Pack Crepe !

MasterTape® Pack XKL

Extensible Flatback



65 to 115 gsm​

​40 to 71lb./3000 ft2


MasterTape® Pack XKL is a flatback paper with extensible properties fitting very well for medium and heavy duty packaging.

It can be sized and/or coated in-house for direct release coat – thus avoiding the saturation step.