Water Resistance Technology

Water Resistance Technology

Wide range of water resistance from moderate to very high
Color matching available
Printable, Foldable and glueable
Available in Bleached, trulyNatural®, and a variety of colors
Water Resistance Technology
Ahlstrom’s HydroSize™ technology offers a wide range of water resistance and repellency to other liquids.


HydroSize™ works by making the paper fibers and structure itself resistant to water and other liquids. This resistance means the paper will not absorb water, and will maintain its structure and performance for long durations of exposure.

HydroSize™ products can be designed to resist the absorption of water for long periods of time, and even “bead” and repel the water from the surface.

  • A variety of internal additives and coatings can be employed in the technology to produce papers that can handle many types of wet environments, while still ensuring functionality in many applications
  • Solutions tailored to your specific needs and applications provide performance in even the harshest conditions, even long term outdoor environments
  • Combined with wet strength additives, HydroSize™, will outlast in any applications




End-use applications

  • Cold storage and insulation
  • eCommerce packaging
  • Protective mailers
  • Agricultural & Horticultural
  • HVAC Humidification
  • Yard and Garden Bags


  • Wide range of water resistance from moderate to very high water holdout, contact angle and ink holdout
  • Color matching available
  • Wet strength options available
  • Printable, Foldable and glueable



  • trulyNatural®: Find out more about the trulyNatural® technology here.
  • Bleached
  • Colors
  • Blend
  • Pre or Post Consumer Recycled


Paper Finish

  • Machine Finished (MF)
  • Machine Glazed (MG)
  • Supercalendered Kraft (SCK)
  • Glassine
  • Crepe
  • Extensible XKL®


Ahlstrom uses fiber from responsible and legal sources and all products qualify for Chain of Custody Forestry Credits and Certification.