FibRoc® Plasterboard

FibRoc® Plasterboard

High Performance - delivering protective and durable solutions for key application areas
Fire Resistance - meeting compliance with all necessary safety standards
Moisture Resistance - no mold growth generated in wet and humid environments
FibRoc® Plasterboard
Now comes the era of high-quality building materials, which reduce the use of chemicals and help constructions last longer. Alternatives that are fluorocarbon and formaldehyde-free pave the way for more sustainable and eco-friendly construction. Ahlstrom's FibRoc® Plasterboard solutions genuinely care for your indoor air quality, and are designed for building safety through extra performance.

Advancing on the combination of glass, synthetic and natural fibers, FibRoc® Plasterboard delivers excellent dimensional stability, good protection, durability, and reduced environmental impact. The new portfolio also perfectly fits various application areas. Our manufacturing platforms are fully certified for quality (ISO9001), safety (OHSAS 18001), and environmental (ISO14001) standards.

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Examples of typical application areas

FibRoc® Plasterboard is a comprehensive range of nonwovens offering the best solutions for technical plasterboards in all key application areas. Our extensive offer includes solutions for:

Interior | Fire Resistance: in the garage, elevator shafts

Interior | Moisture Resistance: in wet rooms, kitchen, sauna, swimming pool

Semi-Exterior | Fire & Moisture Resistance: in porch or balcony 

Exterior | Fire & Moisture Resistance: in rigid air barrier systems 


What makes FibRoc® Plasterboard unique

  • Performance

    Utilizes glass, synthetic and natural fibers for excellent dimensional stability and durability

  • Fire Protection

    Meets compliance with all necessary safety standards delivering protection against flame spread

  • Moisture Resistance

    Delivers high mechanical performance with no mold growth present in wet and humid environments

  • Versatility

    Flexible product development and customized solutions, tailor-made to fit your needs