The A Solution², your abrasive backing solution

The A Solution², your abrasive backing solution

A set of commitment and services designed for the abrasive industry
Strong global abrasive backing expertise
Wide range of backings made of paper and composite
Customization and marketing differentiation
The A Solution², your abrasive backing solution
For more than 70 years, Arches abrasive production center has innovated and advanced the capabilities of fiber-based materials delivering to the coated abrasive producers premium quality and high added-value paper backings. Our experience led us to build The A Solution² in which we gathered over the time a set of commitments, services and expert solutions with a complete and ever-changing backing range, including paper and now composite backings.


COMMITMENT to excellence for sustainable and innovative abrasive fiber-based solutions

  • Excellence: high-quality, consistent and reliable services and products.
  • Sustainability: trustworthy partner, pursuing concrete commitment in favour of abrasive sustainability and with ambitious environmental and brand protection policies. Since January 2020, we are part of the SEAM Program (Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturer).
  • Innovation: a progress-oriented philosophy striving for efficiency, innovative backings for cost-efficient transformations and market differenciation.

SERVICE: Easy before, during  and after sales

EXPERTISE: Support & Innovation on backings or finished abrasive products

  • Technology: Relying on our two technology and innovation centers,  we can carry out various tests and analysis and measure product features to identify the problem roots  or confirm the accuracy of some of your customer statements
  • Technical auditing: To get more than just a piece of good advice!
  • Technical training: Let's bring value to the core to create growth and success together. We have designed some training modules to share with your teams



  • Broadened and unique: At Ahlstrom, we are one of the most attractive suppliers providing abrasive backings for the production of the most abrasive shapes in DIY or industrial channels. We are offering range made of paper and composite backings. 
  • Standardized & customizable: We have a standard range to meet your needs. Thanks to Be Solution, we are also developing tailor-made products. Be different with The Be Solution! 


A third paper machine is now delivering abrasive backings from the Arches plant in France!