Parchment paper for processing of decorative laminates

Parchment paper for processing of decorative laminates

Good gluability with PU, PVA, PVAC or neoprene glues which eliminates the need for sanding and allow
Less breaks due to higher resistance of the laminates
Less production steps as sanding is not necessary and less stock as no impregnation is needed
Less pollution: Sulflex ® protects the chromium belt from phenolic pollution
Parchment paper for processing of decorative laminates
Ahlstrom Sulflex ® Genuine Vegetable Parchment for decorative laminates.


  • Adapted for bonding in Continuous Pressure and High Pressure Laminates (CPL & HPL) processes
  • Used in the furniture industry (worktops, kitchen or bathroom units) and in the building industry (doors, wall panels and flooring) for post forming, flat laminates, profiles, edges or soft forming


Unique base paper with higher flexibility to the laminates (important for tight post forming)


  • Higher flexibility of the laminates by handling & post-forming
  • Low laminates thickness option
  • No sanding required
  • High barrier to resin
  • High internal bond, no need to impregnate


  • High barrier to resin
  • No sanding required -> Production of thinner laminates possible
  • Good gluability with PVA, PVAC, Urea, White Glue, Neopren
  • Homogeneous
  • Higher flexibility
  • Cost 

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