Hydraulic Filter Media

Hydraulic Filter Media

Delivering contaminant-free hydraulic fluid
Extensive flexibility and state-of-the art capability
Advance glass microfiber structure - with excellent mechanical stability and enhanced consistency
Hydraulic Filter Media
Ahlstrom's hydraulic filter media delivers optimal and reliable filtration performance for industrial, mobile and aerospace applications.

Our portfolio offers a complete range of reliable filtration solutions:

  • Traditional cellulose media reinforced with resin covering low particulate efficiency requirements.
  • Synthetic Trinitex® media delivering higher flow and excellent intrinsic mechanical resistance.
  • Premium single-layer and dual-layer glass microfiber media, with full lamination capability.


  • Complete range of cellulose, synthetic and glass filtration media – delivering optimal pressure drop for the required protection of the fluid power system.
  • Advance glass microfiber structure – with excellent mechanical stability, enhanced consistency and multiple customization solutions.
  • Extensive flexibility and state-of-the art capability – to laminate protective scrim for improved mechanical and processing performances.