Embroidery backings

Embroidery backings

Embroidery backings
Ahlstrom wetlaid nonwovens are used as backings to stabilize and enhance the quality of your embroidery designs


  • Our embroidery backings are made specifically for any type of design, stitch count and fabric, and provide equal physical properties in all directions
  • Only one sheet needed to do the job, with no need to overlap backings
  • Due to consistent thickness and quality, our backings allow for precise thread placement and height, for more uniform designs
  • Highly stable over time
  • The uniformity of our backings ensures consistently equal tension during the embroidery process, leading to less thread breaks and higher machine efficiency
  • Wide range of textures available: soft, rough and firm
  • Customizable solutions available


We are a leading global supplier of embroidery backings with over several decades of experience and manufacturing operations in North America and Europe.




Our wetlaid nonwovens provide strength, support, and stability to a variety of interlining end uses such as waistband, edge control and plackets.


Textile cutting machine 

Our wetlaid nonwovens are designed to enhance the performance of textile / leather air-suction cutting machines, by saw or laser, by making them more accurate and productive than ever


Contact us: embroiderybackings@ahlstrom.com