Soap packaging paper

Soap packaging paper

Soap packaging paper
Fungicide treated coated papers for sustainable soap bar wrapping and long-lasting mold-free conservation even in warm or humid storage conditions.

Fungicide-treated and sustainable, our GersanTM one-side coated papers keep soap bars and its packaging in perfect condition. Gersan anti-moldTM papers enable long-lasting conservation, even under very warm and humid storage conditions. It keeps the wrapper impeccable and helps to prevent mold attacking the soap. Furthermore, their proven light stability prolongs shelf life, even in hot and sunny climates.

Ahlstrom Gersan™ paper can be used as such or be laminated with a PET film. Whichever solution you chose, once printed, printing results will just be stunning to support your brand.

Key benefits

  • Anti-mold treated for long-lasting mold-free conservation even under very warm and humid storage conditions
  • Excellent printability and high gloss for attractive packaging
  • High mechanical properties for trouble-free and efficient converting processes