Young talents unite at JUMP 2022!

Young talents unite at JUMP 2022!

JUMP focuses on building awareness and competence. The duration of the current program is approximately 12 months, including a kick-off session, 360 feedback process, several virtual workshop sessions, mentoring, a 4-day workshop in Noormarkku, and a visit to one of Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s plants.  

The program gives the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with a diverse group of colleagues and explore strengths and development areas in a positive and supportive environment. Participants in the program are selected from different roles and functions such as finance, plant operations, IT, sales, or health and safety. After several months of virtual sessions, atmosphere in the face-to-face workshop week at Noormarkku was full of excitement, laughter, and positivity. The open dialogue with Hans Sohlström, CEO of Ahlstrom-Munksjö, was much appreciated by the JUMPees. 

"Participating in JUMP offers us an excellent opportunity to reflect on ourselves, grow together, and accept the challenges as opportunities. In addition, being surrounded by like-minded people from different roles and backgrounds helps us advance our communication skills and collaboration. It's a lifetime experience," reflected Rina Wang, Plant Controller at Binzhou Plant, China.  

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People are a source of innovation, energy, and fresh ideas. Ahlstrom-Munksjö has a proud heritage of successful leadership which the company wishes to nurture to help people to perform at their best as one team to reach common goals. 

"Leaders are always in a key role in creating an environment where we can all reach our fullest potential and for us as a company to become even better at what we do and how we do it. Therefore, JUMP is also one of the highlights for me personally, as I'm able to connect with our young talents and understand what they have in mind," shared Tarja Takko, EVP People, Safety and Communications. 

With the courage and enthusiasm of the young, the JUMP program is expected to continue and foster new leadership for the company for many years to come. 

Take a moment to visit the Ahlstrom-Munksjö career page for current open positions. 

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