Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain

Being a global leader in fiber-based materials, we are in a privileged and liable position where the actions and decisions we make impact the environment we live in. And we want to be part of the positive change in every possible way we can. Our PLSC team is working tirelessly to ensure that the wide range of raw materials, energy, and water are responsibly sourced and consumed with the lowest possible environmental impact, given the current situation of technological and economic circumstances. Sustainability also includes sourcing in the most cost-efficient way to secure the company’s long-term financial health and prosperity. Do you get excited about being able to make the choices that truly matter? Check out our open positions!

This is Ahlstrom

  • 37

    Ahlstrom has currently 37 locations in 13 different countries

  • 7 000

    We employ some 7 000 professionals representing over 50 different nationalities.

  • 40 %

    We aim to have 40% women in top leadership positions by 2025

Our values

  • It is a mindset planted deep into the way of working here at Ahlstrom. It is transparency in what we do as a company and taking responsibility as individuals.

  • Giving the opportunity to grow for our employees is not only a matter of business, but we believe offering the possibility to develop oneself at work is a key to wellbeing and healthy work community.

  • Although working in diverse, individual teams we never lose the sight of the common good for Ahlstrom as a company. We are not here to compete with each other, but to make sure we have the circumstances for meaningful and fulfilling work for years to come.

  • We sincerely want the best for our people, customers, the environment, and the communities we're part of. We are always ready to listen, we critically evaluate our own processes and constantly develop them.

We are a truly global company

Ahlstrom is the global leader in fiber-based specialty materials. Learn more about our global presence and the ways we create value by developing sustainable fiber-based solutions all over the world!

Join our international team of experts, senior leaders and specialists!

From finding an exciting position to onboarding to your new role, see the steps of joining the Ahlstrom team!

Wellbeing and benefits at work

  • Reward and recognition

    Good performances do not go unnoticed. We offer our employees short term incentives – always tailored to the role and position you are working in.

  • Global opportunities

    Do you wish to see the world and gain international experience? We help you to get there through our global training programs and internal mobility opportunities.

  • Wellbeing and work-life balance

    It can’t be all about work, can it? We want to ensure our employees feel well by offering several health and well-being benefits, flexibility and ways to find the right balance between work and life.

  • Professional development

    We love to see our people grow and flourish in what they do! That is why we offer diverse development programs and career opportunities within Ahlstrom for you to move forward.