Local community projects 2019

In 2019 our local community initiatives focused on funding projects dedicated to gender equality, clean water and sanitation or industry, innovation and infrastructure work in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5, 6 and 9.


Chosen projects

Supporting Nanomaji in their innovative water-purifying solution using Ahlstrom’s Disruptor technology  

The continuing collaboration with Nanomaji, originally a student project, now a start-up, supported their work in creating an affordable filter that can be attached to the existing canisters used for water storage and transportation in the developing countries. Nanomaji’s filter is licensed by Ahlstrom. The donation was used to further develop Nanomaji’s product construction. ​ 

On a mission for the natural balance of ocean life – Origin by Ocean 

Ahlstrom supported Origin by Ocean, a neo-ecology biorefinery start-up focusing on the technology to turn algae-based biomass to natural and biologically sustainable ingredient for use in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharma industries. The donation was used to pilot the first bladder wrack farming in the Baltic Sea. In addition, Ahlstrom’s filter materials were used in this activity. 

Investing in the future of humanity with UNICEF’S Child Protection Program in Zambia 

Ahlstrom donated funds for UNICEF Child protection program, that is contributing to the creation of a child protection system that prevents and responses to violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. This was a shared initiative together with the Eva Ahlström Foundation, that has been supporting UNICEF’s initiatives and work all around the world.  

Filling up students’ backpack with nourishing food with Harvest Hope Food Bank’s Backpack Program in Bethune region USA 

The program aims to break the cycle of hunger and food insecurity for children in low-income communities by providing nutritious healthy foods that are easily portable and can be consumed at their homes. This program aims to reduce the number of kids the local community that are going hungry over the weekends and during school breaks. The donation was used to assist with the program.  

Supporting the Community Meal Program for people in need of a meal in Wisconsin, USA 

The New Community Shelter helps the homeless and hungry people throughout the greater Green Bay community, Wisconsin, USA. This particular donation was used to assist with the Community Meal Program.  

Providing special care for autistic children in Binzhou China 

Yaoshi Children’s Rehabilitation Center supports the education and rehabilitation of autistic children in Binzhou city, China. Ahlstrom’s donation was used for acquiring equipment to a classroom, designed for professional care and tailored trainings for the children based on their individual needs.  

Supporting Muoversi Allegramente to support athletes with disability in Turin, Italy 

Muoversi Allegramente “To move with fun” is a non-profit organization supporting athletes with disability. The organization advances social inclusion through sport in Ciriè, Turin, Italy. Ahlstrom’s donation supported a project “I sea no difference” providing a group of individuals with intellectual disability a chance to spend a holiday of 5 days in a seaside town supported by peers, professional educators and sports technicians.  

Long-term collaboration between Jacareí plant JAM supporting teenagers continues 

Jacarei Ampara Menores (JAM) focuses on social inclusion of both teenagers, and people with intellectual disabilities. Over the years, there has been strong collaboration between Ahlstrom Jacareí plant and JAM, and the Jacareí plant has contributed to for example JAM’s Apprentice project. This time the Ahlstrom donation was used to equip and develop the computer rooms that are essential learning environments in many of the organizations projects, such as in the Apprentice Project and the Assistance Program for People with Intellectual Disabilities.